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Wednesday, July 10, 2013SCCS

SCCS: Revision of the Opinions Climbazole and DEGEE

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Two Opinions by the SCCS, adopted during the 26 February 2013 Plenary Meeting, have been updated during the 18 June 2013's. Taking into account the comments arrived after thier first release, the experts hava explained and/or modified the conclusions of their Opinions about Climbazole and Diethylene glycol monoethy ether (DEGEE).

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Opinion of 26 February 2013
The SCCS is of the opinion that the non-preservative use of Climbazole at a maximum concentration of 0.5% either in a foot care cosmetic and used alone, or in combination with either shampoo (at a maximum concentration of 2%) or face cream (at a maximum concentration of 0.5%) or hair lotion (at a maximum concentration of 0.5%) does not pose a risk to the health of the consumer.
In case 3 products, each containing Climbazole at the maximum concentration requested (being safe when used separately) are applied within the same 24 hour period, the combinations of either shampoo, hair lotion and a foot care product, or face cream, hair lotion and a foot care product cannot be considered safe for the consumer.
The above also applies when the 4 different types of products, all containing Climbazole at the highest concentration, are topically applied within the same 24 hour period.
This opinion does not address the possible environmental concerns about the use of Climbazole in cosmetic products.

Opinion of 18 June 2013
The SCCS is of the opinion that the use of Climbazole as a preservative at a maximum concentration of 0.5% either in a …

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