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Biodiversity: a guide of best practices from the FEBEA

Biodiversité : un guide des bonnes pratiques de la FEBEA

Preserving biodiversity is no longer a commitment chosen by the most virtuous companies, but a must for all. The cosmetics sector has not been the last to initiate its ecological transition and has already experimented with many transformations: setting up sustainable supply chains, measuring the footprint on biodiversity, reducing environmental impact… To enable all cosmetics companies, whatever their size, to draw inspiration from these experiences and to deploy them on their own scale, the FEBEA is now making available a guide to best practices in the sector.

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“FEBEA adopted a new mission statement last June: ‘Taking care of you, respecting the beauty of the world’. Since its adoption, this raison d’être has been designed to be translated into a series of concrete actions, particularly in terms of ecological transition”, introduces the French Federation of Beauty Companies.
Many companies in the sector are already committed to this path, by promoting biodiversity. The idea of this guide is to list and publish their best practices, to allow everyone to have concrete examples, transposable, able to inspire new actions and thus accelerate the ecological transition of the whole sector.

It is above all practical and concrete, addressing all aspects to help preserve biodiversity in its seven chapters:
1. Creating sustainable supply chains
2. Promoting responsible agricultural practices
3. Frame and promote its commitments
4. Integrate biodiversity into the manufacturing process
5. Biodiversity and the circular economy
6. Distribution and biodiversity
7. Becoming a player in biodiversity

From the creation of sustainable supply chains to the eco-design of raw materials and formulas, via logistics choices and the reuse of unsold products, each stage is the subject of a precise analysis, and gives pride of place to the concrete initiatives taken by …

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