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Certisys, a sustainable certification body

Certisys, un organisme de certification durable

In the face of environmental challenges, stakes in the cosmetics industry are numerous. As the sustainable certification body, Certisys aims to strengthen its impact in this changing world through its expertise and rigorous cosmetics certifications.

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More and more companies are committed to reducing their environmental impact and are opting for more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. And this goes hand in hand with greater consumer awareness. Controlled certification labels are a guarantee of quality and prove that companies are committed to a sustainable approach.

For Franck Brasseur, Managing Director of Certisys, the Ecocert group’s Benelux subsidiary - the leader in organic and natural cosmetics - standards play a major role in the development of the market by enhancing its credibility and establishing a relationship of trust with consumers:

“The rise of the organic and natural cosmetics market is an undeniable trend, which was marked by a significant acceleration in 2018. Today, France ranks as the third largest market in this field, generating sales of 925 million euros. This dynamism is partly due to the excellence of the major French stakeholders in the field.

Natural and organic standards are key elements to this growth. They aim to harmonise fair practices while ensuring that professionals benefit from an evolving development process. More importantly, they help build a relationship of trust with consumers – a major asset in a rapidly expanding market.

Interestingly, 84% of COSMOS (Cosmetic Organic Standard) certified products come from Europe, followed by 12.5% from Asia, 2.1% from America and 0.7% from Africa. This European leadership highlights the commitment to quality and ethics shown by the stakeholders on the Old Continent.

Certification plays a decisive role in this dynamic. Not only does it validate each labelled formula, but it also involves an on-site audit of production practices. This dual assurance level bolsters the sector’s credibility and makes it more appealing to consumers.

Finally, accurate referencing of raw materials and certified professionals is a key to the success of modern certification standards. It provides an additional guarantee for consumers and a significant differentiating factor for businesses committed to sustainability.

In this context, expertise in sustainable certification truly comes to fruition, enabling market players to support them in their pursuit of excellence and responsibility.”

Certisys, committed to responsible cosmetics

For over 20 years, the Ecocert Group has been committed to more responsible cosmetics. In this way, we developed the first standard for organic and natural cosmetics, and subsequently, the COSMOS standard.

The COSMOS certification provides numerous guarantees focused on environmentally friendly manufacturing, responsible use of natural resources, absence of GMOs, and the use of recyclable packaging. COSMOS is the globally recognized and internationally harmonized reference label.

More details about the label COSMOS

In 2022, Cosmetics certification with Ecocert means:
• More than 2,000 companies involved
• 38,000 certified products
• 60% of COSMOS products are certified by Ecocert

As an Ecocert’s subsidiary, Certisys awards the Ecocert COSMOS label. We are the only certification body to offer this standard in Belgium.

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For more information about Certisys: https://www.certisys.eu/en/

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