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Wednesday, December 23, 2015Sector

Télécharger l'édition 2016 de la brochure "Produits capillaires utilisés dans les salons de coiffure.

Since 7 November 2002, any employer or head of establishment with one or more employees must draw up a Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DU). To help hairdressing professionals to fulfil this obligation, the FEBEA has just made available to them a brochure which gathers all the information necessary to establish this document.

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The regulations provide that every head of establishment must take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of workers. He shall be required to assess the risks, including in the choice of manufacturing processes, work equipment, chemical substances or preparations, the improvement of the quality of the products and the quality of the products;The development or redesign of workplaces or facilities and the definition of workstations, to establish a Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document. This DU must be made available to employees. No model has been provided for by the regulations because the DU must be adapted to each company.

After consultation with the President of the National Federation of Hairdressing, and to allow this organization to communicate to its members the elements which are necessary for them to elaborate and to re-establish the National Federation of Hairdressing;To digest this unique document, the member companies of the Syndicat Français des Fournisseurs pour Coiffeurs et Coiffeurs Parfumeurs (SFFC) decided to write a brochure, the first edition of which was published in September 2003. It collects, on a collective basis, per family of hair products, data specific to the products that are needed by hairdressers.

It is mainly …

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