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French cosmetics industry: powerful... but threatened!


At its General Assembly held in Paris on 4 June 2019, FEBEA presented the results of a study on the attractiveness of France’s cosmetics sector. The Federation of Beauty Companies wanted to know better how France and its cosmetics sector are perceived abroad. Verdict: the French signature is still radiant but real threats could taint it.

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The study was conducted by CH2 Conseil, based on an approach based on lexicographical based on the analysis of the messages disseminated in the press and websites of different brands in France and abroad abroad to update marketing trends.
“France is driven by a powerful and planetary imagination. The French cosmetics makes you dream. It also has tangible assets making France the undisputed leader in cosmetics,” says Patrick O’Quin, President of the FEBEA.

Three strong symbols are associated with French cosmetics, in the minds of foreign consumers:
• Paris, perceived as “the City of Light” where everything is nothing but delight and pleasure • The French woman, chic, elegant, free and envied throughout the world
• Provence, a kind of garden of Eden revisited

Undeniable assets

If hexagonal care shines in the world, it is thanks to its base cultural and historical heritage.
Indeed, “France invented cosmetics and perfumery modern. It can rely on the expertise of mythical creators at through the ages. Moreover, it was the French who created the language of cosmetics. Finally, our power is also due to safety of products, through the quality of research and innovation such as proves the rise of dermocosmetic brands,” says …

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