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Mon Parcours So Doux: Belle & Bien's new digital service

Mon Parcours So Doux : le nouveau service digital de Belle & Bien

The Belle & Bien association has just launched a new service on its mobile application to help all women with illnesses take care of themselves during their treatment and convalescence. The “Mon Parcours So Doux” module has been designed as a self-guided, fun and educational learning path, to enable every woman to learn the best gestures for her specific situation.

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Belle & Bien is first and foremost a grassroots association. Every year, the organization offers 530 workshops and onco-aesthetic care classes. But to reach as many people as possible, the organization decided to go digital over two years ago. To continue this dynamic, Mon Parcours So Doux has just been launched.
It’s a digital course dedicated to beauty and well-being during cancer, accessible to all. Over twenty modules are available, covering all aspects of care.

“Beauty care is essential during cancer treatment. They represent a privileged moment during which patients reconnect with positive emotions: those of looking at themselves and being looked at, of giving themselves attention and care, of regaining self-confidence, of re-estimating themselves. We believe that taking care of oneself is therapy! With this program, we’re proud to be able to make it available to as many people as possible,” explained Guillaume Adam, Director of the Belle & Bien association.

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