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Purchasing group: Cosmed wins the Golden Trophy

Stéphane Faustin-Leybach – Naos, Elsa Marquier et Jean-Marc Giroux - Cosmed

On the occasion of the Purchasing Decision Trophies, held on April 9 in Paris, Cosmed was awarded the Gold Trophy in the “Agility of the Purchasing Function” category. The icing on the cake: it is the only purchasing group in the cosmetics sector to have been awarded at this event.

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It was at the Westin Hotel, in front of several hundred buyers and business leaders, that Cosmed received the Trophée d’Or in the “Agility of the purchasing function” category.

This award, presented by a jury composed of 16 purchasing managers from large private and public companies, honours all the actions and best practices carried out by Cosmed with the community of buyers in the French cosmetics industry.

"This national trophy received by Stéphane Faustin-Leybach, Purchasing Director of the Naos group, leader of the Purchasing Group and member of Cosmed, is a great recognition for this service which mobilizes 280 buyers, 65 suppliers listed for more than 2 million euros of purchases in 2018," says Cosmed. “This Gold Trophy, won against nearly 100 projects, confirms the importance of the actions carried out over the past 13 years by Cosmed to promote the development of companies, based on the principle of mutualisation, enabling very small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from the same services and advantages as large groups. At the request of the European Commission, the economic model of the Cosmed Purchasing Group will soon be presented to the Commission’s Economic Directorates acting in favour of VSEs, SMEs and ETIs”.

The Cosmed Purchasing Group enables companies in the sector to optimise their purchases:
• A sourcing of 65 suppliers
• Negotiated prices offering the possibility for VSEs and SMEs to benefit from commercial conditions equivalent to those of large groups
• A platform for the exchange of information between buyers to optimise stocks of raw materials and packaging items

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• See Cosmed’s website

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