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Tuesday, May 23, 2023Sector

The Estée Lauder Companies appoints its first Chief Sustainability Officer

The Estée Lauder Companies désigne sa première Directrice du développement durable

Commitment to the environment is a full-time job. That’s why The Estée Lauder Companies has appointed its first Director of sustainability. Nancy Mahon has been given the task.

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Nancy Mahon has worked for the group for several years. After contributing to the development of the group's climate and environmental strategy, she became Head of Sustainable Development on a global scale.

“Under Nancy Mahon's leadership, the company has expanded its efforts to reduce environmental impacts across its operations and value chain. The Estée Lauder Companies has focused its efforts on combating climate change by setting greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets and implementing solutions to minimize the production and disposal of waste and water consumption. Going forward, the company's sustainability strategy will continue to focus on innovative approaches to gain efficiencies and limit impact at different stages of the life cycle of our goods,” the group said.

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