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The FEBEA (re)affirms that sunscreens are safe

La FEBEA (ré)affirme que les solaires sont sûrs

In its April 2024 issue, UFC Que Choisir highlighted a selection of sunscreens. According to the magazine, these products had lower protection indices than those indicated on their packaging, and were formulated with compounds that were hazardous to the marine ecosystem. FEBEA has responded to these accusations, assuring us that the French products on the market are reliable.

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Several products were singled out in a recent survey conducted by the consumer association.
The facts: 13 products were tested by UFC Que Choisir. “Five creams failed to meet the expected levels of sun protection. Four of them only achieve a level of protection corresponding to an index 30,” states the media. Furthermore, “a large proportion (10 out of 13) received a poor environmental rating due to the presence of ingredients with harmful effects on aquatic organisms.”

Industry response

In a press release dated April 30, 2024, the FEBEA sought to clarify a few points.
“The study presented by UFC Que Choisir, and reported in certain media, shows SPF levels that would be lower than those indicated on the label of certain products. However, these results are unusually at odds with the SPFs indicated on the packaging, which are subject to controls and tests by the brands. Indeed, rigorous protocols and international standards are systematically used to confirm the effectiveness of sun protection products before they are put on the market, such as ISO 24444 to assess protection against UVB (the SPF) and ISO 24442/24443 to assess protection against UVA. This is why, together with the brands concerned, we are …

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