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The FEBEA reaffirms the essentiality of cosmetics

La FEBEA réaffirme l’essentialité de la cosmétique

While the concept of essential use planned by the European Commission worries the industry, FEBEA organized its annual General Assembly on the theme of the importance of cosmetics in everyday life. The event took place on June 2 in Paris.

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The role of beauty products has been put at the center of the debates during the health crisis. While the government imposed a closure on beauty salons and hairdressing salons, many professionals in the sector made their voices heard to show their disagreement.

Emmanuel Guichard, General Delegate of the FEBEA, explained that skincare contributed to the well-being of the French during this complicated period (and not only). “Even more, the cosmetics industry was able to prove its strength and interest at the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine. In less than a week, we collected nearly one million skincare and hygiene products to allow Ukrainian refugees to continue to live with dignity.”

An indispensable industry

Several professionals of the industry also discussed the interest of cosmetics in the daily life of consumers.
According to Patricia Thouanel-Lorant, Managing Director of CosmétiqueMag, “beauty products contribute to well-being and social integration. Let’s not forget that this sector is sustainable and employs nearly 250,000 people in France. Moreover, it is a perfect field of expression for young people looking for an entrepreneurial adventure.”

An industry that makes sense

One of the primary purchasing criteria of consumers is efficiency. They want products that work. But …

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