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Winners of the Formulation Award 2023

Les lauréats du Prix de la Formulation 2023

Cosmetagora is the annual event that opens the ball of trade shows in the cosmetics industry. Dedicated to formulation, the event allows exhibitors to present new cosmetic formulas, but also to participate in the Prix de la Formulation. Here are the winners of the 2023 edition (organized in Paris on January 10 and 11, 2023).

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The theme chosen this year by the SFC (organizer of the event) was: the wave. It is thus on a sea bottom that all the competitors thought about the conception of a finished cosmetic product.
At the end of the jury’s deliberations, four prizes were awarded. Here is the podium as well as the concepts’ argument (written by the participants).

1st prize - L’O de Givaudan
The power of algae in cosmetics is well known.
What if it was your turn to discover the benefits of marine elements on the skin? Let yourself be swept away by the wave of freshness and youthfulness that L’O provides. Equipped with intelligent polymers that give our emulsion a gel-like texture with shape memory, it will return to its original shape in a few minutes, just like your skin in a few weeks after the first application.
Enriched with marine elements, L’O provides anti-aging benefits thanks to its active ingredients:
• A red macroalgae extract (launch 2023) capable of reviving key processes related to the extracellular matrix and elastic fibers
• HydrintenseTM (an extract of red microalgae capable of maintaining skin hydration by forming a protective film on the skin’s surface)
• Marine spring …

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