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A model of 3D dermal microtissue to study elastic properties in vitro

Un modèle de micro-tissu dermique pour étudier l'élasticité de la peau in vitro

Gattefossé Laboratories (who develops, manufactures and sells specialty ingredients for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries), in partnership with BioMeca (who helps biotech, cosmetic and pharma industries to understand effects and mechanisms of action of active ingredients, formulas, and drugs), have developed a new model of 3D scaffold-free microtissues to mimic in vitro an elastic tissue, which is responsible for intrinsic elastic properties of the dermis. A solution to evaluate the elasticity of these skin micro-tissues, thanks to an innovative analytical assessment with state-ofthe-art technologies.

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Joint press release by Gattefossé and BioMeca

During aging, human skin undergoes profound alterations of its biomechanical properties, and more particularly a loss of elasticity that results in skin sagging. Dermal elastic fibers represent the primary components that support tissue compliance and resilience. But as time goes by, their organization and functionality decline, which makes them a preferred target for cosmetic anti-aging strategies.

The current 3D bioengineered skin substitutes, which are easily available on the market, are still defective models to study skin elasticity. Indeed, they contain exogenous and artificial matrices that bias the measurement of biomechanical properties in the reconstructed tissue. So, there is a need to develop advanced models to investigate the mechanical structure of a tissue such as human skin.

3D scaffold-free microtissues were developed by Gattefossé laboratories to mimic in vitro an elastic tissue, which is responsible for intrinsic elastic properties of the dermis. To accurately evaluate the elasticity of such skin microtissues, Gattefossé chose BioMeca’s expertise for developing innovative analytical assessment with state-ofthe-art technologies.

“Characterizing biological models is becoming a challenge to evaluate new formulas or active ingredients aiming to restore or maintain skin integrity. BioMeca offers state-of-the-art technologies to bring new insights biology. Second …

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