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A new Skinobs platform for preclinical testing

Une nouvelle plateforme de Skinobs pour les tests précliniques

The principle of Skinobs is to allow cosmeticians to identify relevant methods to support their claims for their active ingredients, finished products or medical devices… After launching four years ago the first technological platform dedicated to clinical test methods and laboratories, Skinobs is now launching a new one dedicated to preclinical tests.

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Tolerance tests, consumer tests, sensory analyses, efficacy tests on skin, hair or nails… In 2019, 1,700 users from 58 countries have consulted the first platform, for more than seven minutes on average, viewing more than 19,000 pages. The success of this unique tool has been built on a collaborative relationship with industry players offering a global view of testing to cosmeticians with more than 300 methods and more than 90 laboratories referenced worldwide.

A 360° panorama of the preclinical expertise

The new “preclinical” platform is, like the 1st one, a tool accessible free of charge and without business commission. In two clicks, each user can choose by:
• Test category: Analytical tests, Content-contenair interaction, Ecotoxicity and Biodegradability tests, Safety tests, UV tests, efficacy tests…
• Claim: anti-ageing, anti-pollution…
• Test support: cell cultures, 3D skin models…
Users can thus choose the various tests corresponding to their objectivation project and directly contact each test provider. A keyword search also simplifies the search.
The links Skinobs has made between methods and product claims, mechanisms of action and test solutions make it very simple to identify the tests needed for objectification projects.

A special mention for efficacy tests

The cosmeticians find the laboratory …

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