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An Internet site: the web, yes; but, also, the attached obligations

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The Web, that means 1,000 billions of web pages, some 273 millions sites the world over … and, among them: yours. When a cosmetic brand, being on the Internet is trendy, it is unavoidable. However, be aware: three clicks are not enough to be on the Web. There is a regulation … and controls are a reality. An overview of what is necessary for any secured surfing has been presented during the 6th Regulatory Meeting organized by the French association Cosmed, on June 21, 2012.

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A study by the Mintel oversight company did confirm a point, recently: being on the Internet and on the social networks pays off for a cosmetic brand. A site, a Facebook page, an on-site shop, is nowadays a marketing edge that nobody wants to leave aside. Any url address gives a potential access to 30 million cyber-buyers throughout the world.

Nevertheless, it is not only a digital adventure, but also a legal one. There are some obligatory steps, and traps that it is better not to fall into.
That is what Thierry Skonieny, the Manager of the French Center for the Surveillance of e-commerce (CSCE), established by the French Directorate-General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud control (the DGCCRF ) and Sylvie Gallage-Alwis, Barrister-at-law, said during this Regulatory meeting, organized by the Cosmed association.

Your website status

You think you are compliant with the laws? Whatever the means through which you are on the Internet: an e-shop, a website to present your brand, some temporary pages put on-line for the launching of a product, or even only a Facebook page, you must comply with the status of e-commerce websites' requirements.
"The e-commerce wording does not refer only to web-shops, " Thierry …

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