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Monday, June 29, 2015Tech / Digital

Applications of beauty


Today there are applications for everything: social networks, photo retouching, music, well-being… and the world of cosmetics is not left out! There are dozens of them, covering all aspects of beauty: from simple aesthetics to environmental issues and skin analysis. The Observatory has made all the proposals.

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Skin Analyzer : Description : The application allows you to learn a little more about your skin. Simply take a photo with a blank sheet of paper for reference and you will have 3 criteria examined: your skin type, your place on the Von Luschan scale (ranking of different skin tones) and the SPF index recommended. The most: Useful to know a little more about your skin but you have to be ready to do more research behind. The least: After testing, the results do not always correspond to reality and are not explained. The application simply gives figures, but no arguments. No French version available. Platforms : Only available on Apple Store. And how much is that? :  0,99 €

Think Dirty : Description : A practical tool to measure the long-term danger of your cosmetic products. Scan the barcode and find out if your favourite product can stay that way, or if it's better to change it! The most: Additional information on ingredients at risk, possibility to purchase a product via Amazon directly from the application, notifications when the note of a scanned product changes. The least: Obligation to create an account to start. Still few products registered …

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