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Global At-home Beauty Devices Market: Room for Growth

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Beauty is increasingly homemade. Validating the progressing DIY beauty trend, the at-home beauty devices market is pulsing with potential. However, despite near 22% growth globally in 2012, with underdeveloped markets and skin care needs such as anti-aging and cellulite/body toning yet to be comprehensively addressed, the market’s potential is still being realized according to the recently published study by consulting and research firm Kline.

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Given the global diversity concerning consumer awareness, regulatory requirements, purchase channels, and device availability, a genuine wealth of unrealized potential awaits marketers of at-home beauty devices. Launching devices in some countries differs significantly with some national authorities, such as South Korea’s KFDA, China’s CFDA, and the FDA in the United States establishing particularly strict acceptance criteria for devices using specific types of technology or addressing specific skin care concerns. In a recent interview with Kline, Kevin Appelbaum, CEO of Tria – manufacturer of the only FDA-cleared laser available for home use – counseled that the substantial time and resource investments in clinical testing to meet these requirements ultimately serve the consumer’s health and safety, and further legitimize the industry.

Seeking new markets, several well-established brands in the United States, including No!No!, Tria, and Clarisonic, are intent on replicating their success throughout Europe, while Clarisonic is also expected to launch in South Korea in 2013.

The expansion of sales channels and distribution networks will also continue to be one of the crucial factors to positively affect future market growth. Here too the disparity between regions affords both insight into market positioning and product perception, and reveals much untapped potential. For instance, …

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