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Lush breaks up with (almost) all social networks

Lush rompt avec (presque) tous les réseaux sociaux

The cosmetics brand Lush has announced that it has decided to suspend its Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat accounts from 26 November 2021, in all 48 countries where it operates. This is a way of denouncing these “platforms that do not do what is necessary to protect users”. But the brand will not be absent from social networks.

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“All Lush brand and co-founder accounts will be put on hold worldwide until these platforms take concrete steps to provide a safer environment for users,” the brand said.
“We want to make sure we don’t wait for others to become aware of the problem, but rather change our own behaviour to address these issues now.”

Lush and social networks: an eventful story

For several years now, Lush has been expressing its concerns about the harmful effects of social networks. These concerns have already led to various actions by the brand. In April 2019, it paused its social networks in the UK, to protest against the algorithms that condition what its community could see or not. At the time, the brand denounced “the overpowering power of certain platforms with regard to the moderation and visibility of content”.
It finally gave in to the pressure of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and returned to the same platforms.

It is now withdrawing again, but this time on an international scale and justifies this: “We think things need to change, and we hope that these social networks will gradually implement better practices, and that international legislation will be put in place to enforce these …

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