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Post-Covid: digital to help cosmetic brands

Post-Covid : le digital au secours des marques cosmétiques

Physical trade was one of the first casualties of Covid-19. After two months of confinement where only convenience stores were open, cosmetics distributors are facing the post-Coronavirus… and consumers a little bit cold at the idea of going back to the shops. During a webinar organized by WeCosmoprof, Wayne Liu, Director of Perfect Corp, discussed the digital options available to brands to ensure their sustainability.

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“Because of Covid-19, we’re witnessing a paradigm shift,” Wayne Liu analysis. We’re moving from corporate work to telecommuting, from group interactions to social distancing, from outdoor activities to home entertainment and, inevitably, from shopping in stores to online shopping. The coronavirus is reshuffling the cards on some of our mores.”*

To back up his point, the Director of PerfectCorp (which owns the virtual reality application YouCam Makeup) explained that over the last three months he and his teams have seen an increase in the use of remote makeup testing applications.
“We have realized that artificial intelligence is capable of providing an experience almost similar to the one you can have in a store, while staying at home,” he said.

Striking two birds with one stone

E-commerce is not new, and for a long time now it has shown its advantages over physical distribution.
Its main pitfall has been the inability to try products and interact with sales staff.
During containment, stores were forced to close… and consumers most eager to buy cosmetics had to resort to the Internet.
For Wayne Liu, this period should allow brands and retailers to question the way they do business online.
A study recently revealed …

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