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Tuesday, June 11, 2024Tech / Digital

Tech for well-being

La tech au service du bien-être

Taking care of oneself has become essential for consumers. And the cosmetics industry is ideally placed to help them do just that. At the Journée de la Beauté event organized by CEW France on June 5 in Paris, Claire Marty (Vice President Global Beauty Vertical at NielsenIQ) showed how technology can help brands create new concepts.

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“Before getting to the heart of the matter, it’s important to note that, despite the complex economic situation, the healthcare sector is highly resilient,” comments Claire Marty. “Almost everywhere in the world, we’re seeing double-digit growth. Admittedly, this growth is partly driven by inflation and rising prices, but it is also healthy and organic.”

Consumer attitudes

Nine out of ten adults feel that their psyche is being challenged. 61% say that the environmental crisis has a direct impact on their current and future health.
As a result, 67% focus on their well-being. In fact, 46% say they prefer to enjoy pleasurable experiences rather than accumulate possessions. “Well-being is the priority for consumers,” adds the expert. “43% of individuals are actively looking for products and services that help them lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The advent of beauty tech

More and more brands are offering products that are connected or use new technologies. And the general public is very keen: witness the success of LED masks. This branch of beauty tech is worth $181 million in the United States. “These objects have found their place in cosmetic routines.”

Technology can also help simplify the daily lives of consumers with disabilities. “For example, …

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