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Tuesday, January 27, 2015Tech / Digital

What is the influence of Beauty Youtubers?

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A study carried out by the agency Influence4you, specialist in social networks, shows the evolution of the power of influence in the universe of beauty to the benefit of youtubeuses. Trendy, they are far ahead of the biggest female sites and ten times more powerful than bloggers. What are their tools? Why work with them and how?

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Reminder definition youtubeuse: a youtubeuse is a woman who animates a channel on Youtube by regularly publishing videos. If these videos are about beauty, we will talk about"youtubeuse beauté". If these videos deal with various subjects, we will speak of"vLoggeuse" (the contraction of Video and Blog). Generally a youtubeuse is also present on other social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…), can also have a blog or sometimes also have a presence on other social video networks (Dailymotion, Twitch…).

 1 - Youtubeuses are more powerful than the big female sites

A. Youtube: We spend as much time on youtube channels as on the big general women's sites Today, the big youtubeuses have a media impact as big as the big feminine Internet sites. Today they have an enormous media power and also bring their guarantee (they personally present the products and thus engage their own opinions and reputation). The video support is also well adapted to present products (tutorials, clothing presentation, outboxing…) and probably more than paper. Moreover, a video combines sound and image and thus has more impact than a text or a photo, more static. In short, these youtubeuses have largely supplanted female bloggers and sites in terms of power, …

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