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What is the value of Foréo's Luna Fofo cleaning brush?

Luna Fofo

In recent years, the trend has been towards electric brushes to cleanse the face. It is well known that a pair of hands is all it takes to succeed in this manoeuvre, but Foréo nevertheless offers, like many brands, its own version of this trend, the Luna Fofo.

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Designed to revolutionize this daily routine and improve the quality of the skin (like all others), it makes a significant difference: it is connected.
Indeed, to use the device, you must first download an application via your smartphone in order to perform a skin diagnosis.
The handling is quite simple, once the app is launched, just turn on the brush, and put its sensors on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin so that certain measurements can be taken.
The application, always connected to the brush, adjusts the cleaning program according to the skin type.
Quite practical since the epidermis does not suffer from the same ailments all year round.
In addition, the application provides information on the skin’s moisture level.

Design and ergonomics
The Luna Fofo is a small round silicone brush with small soft pimples.
Unlike brushes with synthetic bristle cleaning heads, Foréo’s version has the advantage of being able to be rinsed under water and dried very quickly.
The brand even states that it is “up to 35 times more hygienic than nylon bristles and is totally resistant to bacteria”.
Very small, it fits in the palm of your hand, a significant advantage, because it fits easily into a toilet bag, without taking up three-quarters of the space. We therefore like to take it with us on the road.
Another good point is that it works with a battery that guarantees 400 uses before it needs to be changed. No need to bother with cables and chargers!

The price
This is probably where the problem lies: the brush costs 89.90 €;
This is a fairly large budget for a device used to wash your face (but not delirious either, given the prices charged by the competition). Nevertheless, Luna Fofo keeps for a long time, it pays for itself over time… if you use it regularly.

Cleaning up
Let’s get to the heart of the matter!
Before starting the cleaning, it is necessary to launch the application and set the cleaning parameters (duration and intensity).
Then, simply wet your face, apply a cleanser and light the brush.
Unlike most devices of this type, the Luna Fofo does not have a rotary motion, but it vibrates. It is up to the user to make circular movements. As a result, the cleaning is softer.
In addition, a timer is integrated in the Luna Fofo. After 15 seconds, it stops vibrating to indicate that it is time to move to another area.

The results
To get an objective opinion, the CosmeticOBS editorial team tested the Luna Fofo from October to December. Three months where a significant temperature difference can be observed.
At the rate of one wash with the brush per day, it was found that the skin was:
• More supple
• More radiant
• Less prone to redness and imperfections

To be perfectly honest, the purchase of a facial cleansing brush is a little whim that you can easily do without.
However, the observation is irrefutable, the skin texture is really refined with the use of Luna Fofo.
The price, which is a little high, is quickly amortized.
Practical, playful and pleasant, Foréo’s latest little girl looks like a big one, hat on!

The last advantage is that it is available, for example, on Amazon.

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