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Saturday, March 20, 2010The language of labels

e ... a weighty mention!

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No, the “e” sign on the packaging of our cosmetics next to the capacity does not mean “equal”. Even if it might come close to it. But in reality, the weight of this “e” is not always to be understood to the nearest gram… Explanations with Bénédicte Lefranc, Inspector of the DGCCRF.

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*Based on the paper given by Bénédicte Lefranc, inspector of DGCCRF, at the 10th Regulatory Meetings of the Cosmed association held in Marseille on March 18, 2010.

Cosmetics such as foodstuffs must clearly indicate to the consumer “for how much we buy”. According to the regulations, the nominal content at the time of packaging must be indicated on the label in weight or volume. The capacity therefore indicates how much you buy the product, to the nearest gram or millilitre… in principle.

The rule of tolerated error

Because when it comes to metrological control (the measurement control), things are suddenly less precise. A margin of error is thus allowed, and set by the regulations. In other words, you can buy less product than it is on the label, obviously for the same price, and quite legally.
To do this, it is sufficient to satisfy two criteria.

The average criterion
For the same batch, the actual content must not be less on average than the nominal content indicated on the packaging. In a way, a little more, a little less, as long as the whole thing remains honest, and it works.

The minimum content criterion
Still in the same batch, no …

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