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Duo Best-Of 2019


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The essentiel duo of 2019 Best-Of about cosmetic new for the field’s professionnals!

English version - PDF format. L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edition.

The Brexit, which was expected on March 30, has finally been postponed… but its implications for the industry remain as strong as ever.
The debates on security have not abated, and the list of controversial ingredients continues to grow.
In this context, the trend is more than ever towards green, sustainability and recyclability, respect for the environment…

Are you ready? Have you incorporated all recent or future regulatory developments?

CosmeticOBS has gathered in this Best-Of 2019 Part I its articles dealing with essential information since the beginning of 2019, with also a feedback on major congresses, whether regulatory, scientific or technical.

And for the end of 2019, CosmeticOBS reviews all the developments of the second half of the year with its Best-Of 2019 Part II.

It also addresses the subtleties of international regulations.
He always takes you to many congresses, with conference reports and insights from the best experts that you won’t find anywhere else…
Finally, it plunges you into the heart of the current trends, always greener and cleaner, more and more focused on personalization…

And as a bonus, the 2020 cosmetic agenda, with all the deadlines and key dates to note in red in the calendar!

The author
A graduate of the School of Journalism in Lille, Laurence Wittner is a freelance journalist specializing in the field of cosmetics. Co-founder of Monitor Cosmetics, she is the editor-in-chief of its supports.

E-book 2019 “Best-Of 2019 (Part I)”, english version, L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edition (July 2019), 304 pages (ISBN : 979-10-92544-45-9), PDF format (5 Mo).

E-book 2019 “Best-Of 2019 (Part II)”, english version, L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques’ edition (December 2019), 323 pages (ISBN : 979-10-92544-59-6), PDF format (14 Mo).