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Precision Shave Gel



Manufacturer’s Presentation

Beard and contour
Non foaming formula

This shaving gel is designed for precise trimming and edging.
This transparent gel allows you to see facial hair while shaving for perfect contour plotting.

The ingredients in this unique product have been selected using Pharmaceutical Quality Criteria - so you can be sure they won’t harm your skin.
Its hypoallergenic formula helps prevent itching and irritation caused by shaving.

• Non-foaming formula for more precisions
• The transparent gel makes trimming beard contours a snap
• Gentle hypoallergenic formula
• Easy to use: fast and easy to apply, convenient to carry, pleasant fragrance

Made in France

Directions for use

Moisten beard with hot water.
Place a small amount of the gel on fingertips and apply evenly on beard edges where desired


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Soon online

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