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7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment

Cinq Mondes-Rituels de Soin - Visage


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Dehydration lines, eye puffiness and dark shadows
(Ritual of Beijing, China)
0% Paraben • 0% silicone
2 patents ingredients

Inspired by the benefits of Chinese pharmacopoeia under the guidance of a Docteur of Pharmacy, the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment Contains:
• 7 Chinese plants (Sophora Japonica, Ginseng, Chinese Angelica, Lotus Flower, Sesame, Jasmine, Bergamot) with antioxydant properties.
• 2 active ingredients: Imperata Cylindrica (Asian herbaceous plant extract) for 24 h moisturizing* to prevent dehydration lines and Avena Sativa (purified fraction of sugar molecules) for an immediate lifting effect.
• Caffeine (2%) and natural Mother of Pearl to relieve eye puffiness and reduce dark shadows.

Eyes look rested and broghter, dehydration lines are smoothed, puffiness and dark shadows visibly dimnished.

100% perfume free
Tested under ophthalmological control
*Moisturizing upper layers of the epidermis
Cinq Mondes Natural Laboratory Guielines
Professional Spa Products

Made in France

Directions for use

Warm your hands and place your fingertips on the recommended points. With your elbows on the table, rest your head in your hands. Remain in this position and breathe 3 times while applying pressure with your fingertips. Draining effect, decongests the eyes’ contour area
Drains the eye contour area
Relieves headaches and calms the mind

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