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Intensive Nourishing Body Care

Dove-Soin Corps


Manufacturer’s presentation

Intensive nourishing milk
In-depth* nutrition for a skin as regenerated and restored
Very dry skin
In-dept* care + moisturizing shield
Hydration ++++

There is much more to life than what you see on the surface, and the same goes for your skin.
Dove Intensive Body Milk is a highly effective moisturizer that nourishes the skin on the surface and deep down*, with a diffusing action, layer by layer*.

The result?
Your skin is as if regenerated, its softness beautifully restored, and it regains the radiance you love.

Hydration 24 h
Dermatologically tested

Enriched with NutriDuo, our unique dual action complex that combines nutrients naturally present in the skin with a skin care oil.
It nourishes the deep layers of the skin while protecting* against moisture loss on the surface.
*Within the stratum corneum.

Made in UK

Directions for use

Apply a simple pressure on the push pump, then release by placing a dose of Intensive Dove Milk in the palm of your hand.
Apply the milk all over your body.


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Soon online

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