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Nectar Originel Moisturising cream

Edenens-Soin visage


Presentation of the manufacturer

Phyto-Natif® Extract
White water lily
Tolerance tested under dermatological control
Dry skin

The garden of Edenens shelters a luxuriant and varied vegetation, making it possible to provide for all the needs of the skin of the women. From the white water lily flows a precious care that quenches and replenishes the skin.

Nectar Original Moisturizing Cream
Dry skin
This Original Nectar offers the skin a real hydration bath*: the skin is intensely and durably replenished. Its soft and creamy texture provides absolute comfort for dry and sensitive skin. Protected from dry skin**, the skin regains its original softness.

Its precious assets
True water reserve for the skin, the White water lily moisturizes and protects the epidermis thanks to its richness in mucilages. (mucilage: vegetable substance with the power to retain water).
The Calendula petals soften the skin giving it a soft and velvety touch.
Phyto-Native® Extract provides cells with essential nutrients (peptides, amino acids, minerals…).

You will love
- Its effectiveness: hydration* and protection** long duration
- Its 2 in 1 use: daily care and mask
- Its creamy texture with a non-greasy finish
- Its softness: ideal for sensitive skin
Clinically proven hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.
Reduction of clinically proven insensitive water loss.

The secret of the Garden of Edenens: Phyto-Native® Extract
The fruit of several years of research, Phyto-Natif® Extract draws its richness from a unique combination of active ingredients that acts on dermal regeneration and strengthens the skin's natural barrier*. The fresh and native plants it contains stimulate cellular vitality and reproduce the skin's natural mechanisms.
Result: reinforced and protected, the skin is more beautiful, lastingly.
Effectiveness of Phyto-Native® Extract scientifically proven by in vitro tests.

The Edenens Pact, treatments designed with the utmost respect for women's beauty
1/ Respect for the cutaneous eco-system
At the heart of the range, Phyto-Natif® Extract :
- A complex rich in nutrients naturally present in the skin.
- Plant active ingredients in a fresh and native state that reproduce the skin's natural mechanisms.
- A complex of active ingredients acting in synergy to promote skin regeneration.
2/ Naturality
- Formulas favouring ingredients of natural origin.
- Formulas without parabens, mineral oils or silicones.
3/ Efficiency and safety
- Tolerance tested under dermatological control.
- Proven effectiveness through scientific and satisfaction tests.
- Phyto-Natif® extract: proven efficacy in vitro.
4/ Pleasure for the senses
- Sensory tests performed on each product*.
- A selection of rare and precious assets.
Evaluation of the pleasure of use (texture and perfume) by satisfaction tests.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face and décolleté.
For intense hydration: apply the cream mask for 10 minutes, then remove excess with a tissue.
External use.

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