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Laboratoires Didier Rase-Integrall


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Applied research in male dermo-cosmetology.
Phyto-androzyme care lotion.

All facial care in a single product.

• Densifies the dermis, tones the entire face by the stimulating anti-aging effect of phyto-androzyme on male skin.

Exclusive international patent.

• Soothes, purifies and reduces redness caused by shaving.

Moisturizes and refreshes instantly.

Natural formula with paraben-free plant extracts.

Integrall with phyto-androzymer
All facial care in a single product

Applied research in male dermo-cosmetology.

It promotes the presence of testosterone in the male dermis.

Laboratoires Didier Rase are the first to work on hormonal aging of male skin, particularly to fight against the degradation of testosterone (the male hormone that regulates male skin tone and vitality).

The effectiveness of Phyto-androzyme® on male skin has been demonstrated by a clinical study carried out according to the rigorous criteria of medical research.

This research led to the discovery of Phyto-androzyme®, the first cosmetic active ingredient reserved for men (exclusive international patent).

The anti-aging care function of Phyto-androzyme® densifies the dermis and thus tones the entire face to leave it looking healthy and rested.

Phyto-androzyme® is a natural plant active ingredient extracted from the bark of magnolia.

The after-shave function by the association of vitamin PP with allantoin soothes, cleanses and reduces redness caused by shaving.

Made in France

Directions for use

After cleansing and/or shaving, dry your face, then apply one or more sprays directly to your cheeks and forehead.
Spread all over your face.
Avoid contact with the eyes.

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