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Double Cleanser - Balm-In-Oil



Manufacturer’s Presentation


1/ Anti-pollution make-up removal
2/ Micro-smoothing cleaning

Active ingredients
• “Micro-magnet” cleaner
• Enzyme micro-exfoliator
• Anti-aging hyaluronic acid

The double cleaner in surface + in depth
Inspired by the aesthetic technique of ionic cleaning, this balm-in-oil, ideal for dry skin, offers a double cleaning:
• On the surface: it clears the skin of pollutants outside, dust and dissolves makeup
• In depth: it removes excess sweat and of sebum and helps eliminate dead cells

An active balm texture that turns into oil then in milk in contact with water for double efficiency cleaning.

A fresh and feminine scent associating notes of jasmine, lotus flower and white gardenia.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply to dry skin, massaging with the fingertips.
Emulsify with water, massage again, then rinse thoroughly.
Avoid the eye contour area. Ideal for dry skin.
For external use only


Soon online


Soon online

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