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D-530 Anti-Redness Serum

Maria Galland-Visage


Manufacturer’s Presentation

APC Anti-pollution complex
Soin dermatologique is efficient and pampering special care for four conditions of skin.

This highly effective serum visibly improves the symptoms of couperose and minimises redness.
• Scullion, derived from the horse chestnut, stimulates the microcirculation and strengthens the capillary walls.
• An anti-pollution complex of horseradish tree seed extract and nasturtium extract protects the skin against natural environmental influences.
• The active ingredients in this serum reduce the symptoms of skin prone to couperose. Esculin, extracted from the horse chestnut, stimulates the microcirculation, strengthens the capillary walls and increases the skin’s resistance. Redness and irritation are visibly reduced, the skin is soothed and the formation of new redness is prevented.
• A highly effective anti-pollution complex of horseradish tree seed extract and nasturtium extract frees the skin of pollutants and acts like a protective shield. The horseradish tree, better known as the moringa or miracle tree, removes micro-particles (such as fine dust), smog and tobacco smoke, and thus protects the skin lastingly. The complex improves the supply of oxygen and stimulates the skin’s natural processes.
• A complex of papaya, ATP and hyaluronic acid supplies long-lasting moisture and makes the skin supple.
• Superior anti-ageing peptides stimulate the synthesis of collagen and reduce wrinkles, while oils of meadowfoam smooth the skin’s surface.

Made in Switzerland

Directions for use

Apply every morning and evening to the face and neck after thorough cleansing and massage in.

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