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Fresh Pink So Chic - Peeling Lotion

My Spa-Visage


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Provence, France
By Deborrah best worker of France aesthetics
Cleansing gel

Your Fresh Pink So Chic lotion unifies your complexion.
Skin wish list: smooth, luminous skin.

Ultra cleansing, this Toning Peeling Lotion is used every day.
Very rich in active ingredients from fruits including the Blueberry, it cleans, unclogs and matifies the skin smoothly.

Made in France

Directions for use

Apply the descaling lotion to the face and neck with a cleansing cotton pad, then gently dry.
Use morning and evening.

Avoid the contact with eyes.
Do not expose yourself to the sun.
In case of allergy, stop using the product.
Keep away from light and temperatures.


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Soon online

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