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Intense Hydration Day Face Cream

Natura Siberica-Blanc de Blancs

Indicative price€22.00
Price per 100mL / 100g€44.00
PAO12 Monjar, cardboard box.
Expiration dateonnone.
Batch numberonjar, cardboard box.

50 mL (1.7 US fl.oz.) Plastic jar (plastic lid) + cardboard box (plastic film)


Manufacturer’s presentation

Cosmetics of herbs and wildflowers
Intense hydration
Active organic substances
For all skin types
Faroese Algae & Wild Siberian Herbs

Sibérie blanche, created for the Natura Siberica concept store in Copenhagen, is a tribute to scandinavian purity and the power of nature in Siberia.
This collection blends plants with unique vital properties that survive in harsh climatic regions.
This face cream has a melting texture.
It is enriched with grape seed oil, a natural antioxidant with toning properties. A complex of omega-6 and ceramid is combined with amino acids and polysaccharides to strengthen the lipid barrier, lock hydration and restore skin firmness.
Siberian wild harvested herbs contain vitamins, saponins and tannins that sooth the skin.
The faroe islands seaweed is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, iodine that infuse the skin with hydration and minerals.
The skin is charged with energy, more elastic and supple.

Made in EU/ Born in Siberia

Directions for use

Apply in the morning on a dry, clean face avoiding the eye and lips area.

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