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Thick Tuvan Soap - Black Root

Natura Siberica-Tuva Siberica


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Black Root
Body & hair
Based on black root extract & sagan dailya

Along the borders of Mongolia and China lies the remote, biodiverse region of Tuva.
Its home to the most extreme ranges of natural zones, from desert to tundra.
Hundreds of lakes, some with salty waters, are rich in healing muds.
Mountain springs are purified and blessed by the shamans.
No wonder that the flora of Tuva is enriched with extraordinary power, power that we have hamessed for you in our range of natural beauty products.

Body & Hair Purification
Instantly refreshes body and hair
Deeply cleanses body and hair
Softens and hydrates body and hair

Made in EU

Directions for use

Actively massage the soap into wet skin and hair, then rinse with warm water.

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