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Advanced Toothpaste


Indicative price€12.50
Price per 100mL / 100g€16.66
Expiration dateontube, cardboard box.
Batch numberontube, cardboard box.

75 mL (2.53 US fl.oz.) Plastic tube (plastic cap) + cardboard box (plastic film)


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Regenerate email*
Reverse the erosion process at an early stage

The Expert Toothpaste promotes:
Regeneration of enamel*
• Inverting the erosion process, at an early stage
• Restoring the natural whiteness of teeth
Strong teeth and protection against cavities
• For teeth 3 times stronger**

Feeling of fresh mint

Erosion of enamel
80% of common dental problems are due to enamel erosion and acid attacks.
Enamel is the outer layer that protects the teeth.
Despite its hardness, it is eroded day after day by acid attacks of food and drink.
This erosion process is invisible and can happen at any age making teeth more vulnerable.

Expert toothpaste
Regenerate Enamel Science is the only formulation containing NR-5M technology.
With each use, the active ingredients of NR-5TM combine to provide a new mineral supply to the enamel.
They encircle and integrate with the surface of the teeth, thus promoting the regeneration of enamel* and the reversal of the erosion process, at an early stage, to keep teeth strong and healthy.
*Acts on erosion at an early and invisible stage.
Helps regenerate enamel by restoring its mineral content and micro-hardness with regular use.
Clinically proven.
**In vitro test measuring the hardness of enamel compared to a standard fluoride toothpaste.

NR-5M Technology
Developed in partnership with dentists from international dental research centers.
• Clinically proven
• 9 years of dental research
• Patented technology

Made in UK

Directions for use

Use Regenerate enamel science expert toothpaste twice a day instead of your usual toothpaste.
Children six years of age and under: Use a toothpaste the size of a pea under the supervision of an adult to minimize ingestion.
In the case of fluoride intake from other sources, consult a dentist or doctor.
Contains Sodium Monofluorophosphate (1450 ppm).
Store in a cool, dry place.


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