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Anti-Imperfection Purifying Botanical Serum

Saeve-Pur Paradisi


Manufacturer’s Presentation

Sebo-regulator, anti pore dilated, anti-oxidant, oil-free
Fresh organic birch sap, grapefruit titrated, ferments
Combination to oily skin

Immunox patent
A unique and patented alliance of 2 super-powerful ingredients from birch - Fresh organic sap & organic chaga, the “mushroom of immortality”- hand-picked for exceptional results:
• An anti-oxidant protection* ultra powerful.
• An optimized skin repair process.
• A reinforced resistance to external aggressions.

Day after day, the skin is better armed against the effects of time and future aggressions.
Radiantly beautiful, it glows.

The associated sap-like formulation technology allows the active ingredients to be deeply diffused for an optimal targeted response.

The extraordinary “healthier skin” sap
Exceptional action Ultra-concentrated, this oil-free botanical serum regulates sebum secretion, unclogs pores and retexturizes the skin with its gentle peeling action.
Its powerful patented repairing and anti-oxidant active ingredients protect the skin from the effects of time and external aggressions.
It becomes healthier, pores are tightened and imperfections are reduced.

Not comodogenic.

Its energizing fragrance Distilled essences of fresh grapefruit and petitgrain softened with a hint of lavender and white musk.

Dermatologically tested.

Saeve: Extraordinary care with (not so) ordinary herbs.

0% silicones, gluten, ingredients of animal origin.
97% of ingredients of natural origin.

Made in France

Directions for use

Morning and evening, apply to the face and neck, slipping under the cream.

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