Your new online monitoring tool!


Your choice: Visibility Subscription - 12 months

The Visibility Subscription is:

  •  4 sponsored articles (within the CosmeticOBS editorial line) published during the validity period of your subscription
  • Choice of publication dates
  • No article length limit
  • Ability to insert trackable and visual links
  • Each sponsored article is published on the front page for 7 calendar days
  • Each sponsored article is relayed in an alert on the CosmeticOBS contact database
  • Each sponsored article is relayed in the weekly e-newsletter
  • Each sponsored article is relayed by a post on the CosmeticOBS social networks
  • Each sponsored article is archived after 7 days in the corresponding section: available for life on the platform and open to all readers

The sending of the elements and the planning of the publications is done by email on: pro@cosmeticobs.com.

The Contract in force is not subject to tacit renewal.

Subscription type
Subscription duration
12 month
No automatic renewal
Amount per month
€275.00 HT
Amount to be paid
€3,300.00 HT