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9th Anti-Ageing Skincare Conference: the programme

9e  Anti-Ageing Skincare Conference : le programme

The Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference has been held in London every two years since 2008. Its 9th edition will be held at the Royal College of Physicians on 25 and 26 June 2024. This year’s theme is: The Science and Perception of Skin Ageing - Well-Ageing and Longevity.

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This event will unravel the facts and perceptions around skin ageing while exploring the connections between health and skin ageing, longevity and the quest for timeless skin beauty. The conference promises to reveal insights into effective preventative and functional skincare strategies; sparking innovative ideas to emerge and pave the way for new product development concepts. The goal is to enhance the attendees’ understanding of the state-of-the-art science and thinking in this space through four sessions.

S1: What is Healthy Skin Ageing
Discover the processes and factors influencing healthy skin ageing and the mechanisms by which these shape our appearance, relate to the health of our body and endure over time.
S2: Achieving Healthy Skin - Technological Approaches to Well-Ageing
Navigate a world of new active ingredients and concepts, backed by the latest science and detailed mode-of-action studies that support their benefits and claims.
S3: Assessing Skincare Benefits and Advertising Claims
Dive into diagnostics and efficacy testing methods as they relate to the assessment of healthy skin ageing, gaining insights that guide informed decisions in clinical and in vitro studies, as well as advertising claims.
S4: A Future View of Well-Ageing
Peer over the horizon to where science, consumer perceptions and …

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