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Tuesday, January 26, 2021Agenda

ADF/PCD: perfumery at the time of Covid-19

ADF/PCD : la parfumerie à l'heure du Covid-19

For the past four years, Easyfairs Oriex (programmer for the ADF/PCD trade show) has been organizing a student competition in partnership with ESEPAC (Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Packaging) and ESP (Ecole Supérieure du Parfum). Covid-19 obliges, this year’s participants worked on the theme: “how to reinvent the testing of new fragrances (and cosmetics) in compliance with health and environmental constraints”. Five projects were selected and the winner will be revealed during the ADF&PCD 2021 exhibition, on June 22 and 23.

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“The delivery of products during in-store tests and the way samples are distributed is a real constraint in the current health context. Distribution must urgently adapt its practices, particularly in the field of perfumes and cosmetics. Faced with this strategic challenge, the future young talents of the two schools worked for a few weeks on this imposed brief in order to propose innovative solutions submitted to a jury of professionals and media representatives,” explains Easyfairs. “The five projects of the 2020 competition will be relayed from January on the social networks of the ADF&PCD and PLD 2021 exhibition. The winning project will be officially presented at the ADF&PCD and PLD Paris exhibition on June 22 and 23, 2021 during the PCD Innovation Awards ceremony.”

The 59 parties (39 for ESP and 20 for ESEPAC) were brought together in five working groups. The teams presented the technical aspects of their projects by videoconference on December 15, 2020, so that the jury could validate not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality and feasibility of the proposals.

The jury of this fourth edition of the competition, sponsored by Coty, is composed of:
• Vincent Delavenne, Vice-President Packaging Luxury, Coty
• Sylvain Solinas, Senior R&D Manager Product development Coty
• Olivier Aron, Professor at ESP
• Chantal Artignan, Director of the ESP
• Adeline Dimier, Head of Pedagogy and EPN Network at ESEPAC
• Josh Brooks, Exhibition Director
• Christelle Anya, Community and Content Director AFD&PCD and PLD Paris
• Vincent Gallon, Publisher Premium Beauty News

“We discovered five innovative projects. The brief was perfectly respected and the solutions presented were of high quality. The very detailed projects revealed both very sharp technical aspects, but also interesting marketing concepts that could be retained by some brands looking for new ideas. Our ‘future noses’ and ‘future packagers’ will tomorrow be excellent ambadasseurs in our industry,” comments Vincent Delavenne.

List of projects

Parfum sans Contact
Video project presentation

Meet Beadsthoven
Video project presentation

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