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Thursday, September 14, 2023Agenda

COSMED's JEST 2023 at a time of microbiotic cosmetics

La JEST 2023 de COSMED à l'heure de la cosmétique microbiotique

Market and trends, skin microbiome, dermatology, ingredients, formulation, testing, regulatory framework, forecasts… the JEST (Scientific and Technical Exchange Day) organised on 5 October by COSMED chose as its theme: Microbiotic cosmetics at the service of innovation.

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The day’s conferences will be held from 9am to 5.30pm, either face-to-face in Montpellier or remotely via streaming.

On the agenda

Microbiotic cosmetics, towards a new generation of beauty
-> Amélie DEBAYE - Head of BEAUTY - KANTAR Insights & Consulting France

Microbiote cutané : quand la science est intégrée dans l’innovation cosmétique au profit des consommateurs
-> Pascal YVON - PharmD, MBA

The cutaneous microbiota: guardian of our skin’s good health
-> Pr Brigitte DRENO - Head of Dermatology at Nantes University Hospital

Skin microbiota and technological developments
-> Richard MARTIN – Microbiologist – CEO – MERCURIALIS BIOTECH

Cosmetics and microbiota: what is the regulatory framework?
-> Sybille MILLET – Regulatory monitoring officer – COSMED

The use of micro-organisms in cosmetics: their benefits and different applications
-> Angélique BARREAU - Developpement and marketing Director - LALLEMAND

Strategies for formulating cosmetic products with no impact on skin microbiota
-> Dr Pierre GRASCHA – PhD - Training Consultant, ICPF Expert

Biological methods and models for analysing skin-microbiota interaction
-> Giuseppe PERCOCO - Research Engineer, Project Leader – LABORATOIRE BIO-EC

Skin microbiota: a new perspective on neurocosmetics
-> Marine CAPRON – Country Manager - ROELMI HPC France

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