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CosmeticsDays returns on the theme of eco-design

Les CosmeticsDays reviennent sur le thème de l'éco-conception

The theme of the next edition of CosmeticDays will be “The eco-challenges of cosmetics”. On the programme of these two days of conferences organised by Cosmed, tools and solutions to find answers to the problems of sourcing, formulation, processes, consumption… This congress will be held on June 10 and 11, 2021, in Lyon (France) and in streaming.

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This congress will present eco-design tools and solutions: sourcing, formulation, process, consumption.

Conferences of 10 June

Sustainable sourcing
Implementing a responsible purchasing approach
-> Stéphane FAUSTIN - NAOS Group Purchasing Director
Recycled plastics: challenges and opportunities
-> Géraldine POIVERT – President and co-founder (RE)SET
Presentation of the ERI 360° label°
-> Gislène DA SILVA – R&D Manager INNOV’ALLIANCE cluster
Natural ingredients: setting up a sustainable supply chain

Ecodesign of products
Product trends/consumer expectations (formulas, galenics, claims…)
-> Margaux CARON – Global Beauty Analyst - MINTEL
Biodegradability and ecotoxicity of ingredients: how to anticipate the impact of rinse-off formulas and suncare products
-> Cyril DUROU - Executive Vice President CEHTRA
What tools to use to eco-design formulas?
-> Candice Colin – Co-founder and CEO BEAUTYLITIC
Which tools to measure the impact of packaging?
-> Speaker to be confirmed
Manufacturing of eco-designed ingredients from biotech
-> Marie-Gabrielle JOUAN - CEO - BGENE GENETICS

Conferences of 11 June

Process optimisation
BEGES: Decarbonisation of the cosmetics industry
-> Fanny FLEURIOT - ADEME Adaptation, Development and Low Carbon Trajectories Directorate
Logistics/transport: how to reduce your carbon footprint
-> Bruno GUILLARD - Corporate Business Development Manager DACHSER

CResponsible consumption and communication
The transformation of retail (bulk, deposits, etc.)
-> Blandine SURRY – General Manager - LOOP
Implementation of a responsible communication
-> Gildas BONNEL- President - SIDIESE Agency
CSR dynamics today
-> Gérard SCHOUN – President of the CSR WG - OREE

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