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Nanomaterials and cosmetics: a Technical Day organized by the LNE


Improving the properties of cosmetic products, optimizing manufacturing processes or even obtaining packaging with advanced properties, the unique properties of nanomaterials offer many possibilities. But the media context, regulatory instability, the potential risks associated with some of these substances and the difficulties of reliable characterization are all obstacles to the serene development of these applications. LNE proposes a technical day on 29 March to better understand the challenges of the market.

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To meet the challenges and problems that mark nanomaterials, and to promote responsible innovation, it is necessary to be able to reconcile their real added value for a given application and the various risks that can be associated with them. It is within this framework that LNE, Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais, is proposing a technical day to cover the theme in a transversal way in order to better understand the challenges of the market. Possible applications, regulations including labelling requirements, the current state of knowledge on risk assessment at consumer, worker and environmental level as well as an overview of available measurement capabilities will be on the agenda. Feedback and question-and-answer sessions will give a better idea of the subject and the questions shared by the actors in the sector.

The program

 9am - Welcome

 9.15 - Opening and presentation of the day - Georges Favre, Nanomaterials Product Manager, LNE

 9h30 - The interest of nanoparticles in cosmetics - Thierry Devers, Research Professor, Head of the GIM Department (Industrial Engineering and Maintenance), IUT de Chartres - Université d'Orléans

 10:15 - Characterization of occupational aerosol exposures: what can be done? - Olivier Witschger, Head of Aerosol Metrology Laboratory, INRS

 11h30 - Regulatory perspectives in France and the European Union - Damien de Geeter, Nanomaterials Project Manager, Bureau des Produits Chimiques, Direction Générale de la Prévention des Risques DGPR

 12h00 - Obligations of the Cosmetics Regulation - Catherine Argoyti, Assistant to the Head, Office of Health Products and Benefits and Human Services, DGCCRF - Céline Nowak, Inspector CCRF in charge of the Cosmetics Sector, Bureau des produits et prestations de santé et des services à la personne, DGCCRF

 14h00 - Inventory of the problems encountered by industrialists - Sophie Thirion, Research & Development Manager, ODYSUD Laboratory, Cosmébio Member

 14h30 - Characterization of nanomaterials: avoiding traps - Georges Favre, Nanomaterials Product Manager, LNE

 15:45 - Evaluation of nanomaterial migration from materials in contact - Morgane Presle, Materials Engineer, LNE - Patrick Sauvegrain, Cosmetics Product Manager and Expert Trainer - Food Contact Materials Auditor, LNE

 15:15 - Estimating and minimizing the risk associated with TiO2 nanoparticles used in sun creams - Jérôme Labille, CNRS Research Officer, CEREGE, Labex Sérénade

 15h45 - Conclusion and summary of the day - Georges Favre, Nanomaterials Product Manager, LNE

Information and registration

Participation fee - 390 € HT, or 468 € TTC (VAT 20 %)

Place of reception - Mercure Paris Porte de Versailles - 36-38 rue du Moulin - 92170 Vanves

Organizer - LNE - Centre de Formation - 1 rue Gaston Boissier - 75015 Paris

Contacts - Mail : formation@lne.fr - Tel: +33 (0)1 40 43 37 35 - Fax : +33 (0)1 40 43 37 37

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