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Olfaction & Perspectives Congress: 6th edition

Congrès Olfaction & Perspectives : 6e édition

The aim of the Olfaction & Perspectives conference is to help people discover or rediscover this sense and its importance in all areas: well-being, health, the environment, behaviour, etc. Its 6th edition will be held on 21 March 2024, in Gennevilliers (France) and in digital form.

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This year’s conference will be based on the following observation: whether health, climate, social or energy-related, all the recent crises have impacted in one way or another on the world of odours and olfaction.
To illustrate this observation, 12 conferences will be organised around four themes.

Odours in everyday life
• Time to eat! Beyond taste, the flavour of food
• Communication of positive emotions by human body odour
• Perception of human emotional odours by farm animals

What fragrances for tomorrow?
• Innovative approach: extraction of essential oils and floral waters based on Farid CHEMAT’s vision
• Towards odour prediction: using artificial intelligence and the world of the infinitely small
• Shaping the future of fragrances through ecological neurophysiological dynamics: an EEG-based exploration

Olfaction & Health/Well-being
• Smells and emotions: how to take care of our emotions with natural smells
• Breathing, respiratory diseases and olfaction: breathe to smell better, smell to breathe better

Olfaction & Emotions
• The arts and sciences of olfaction: historical and contemporary perspectives and contemporary perspectives

For further information and to register
• See thee Olfaction & Perspectives Congress website

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