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Thursday, January 13, 2022Agenda

Preclinical and clinical tests: a booming sector, which teaches and influences the cosmetics industry

Tests précliniques et cliniques : un secteur en plein essor, marqueur de l’industrie cosmétique

The Cosmetotest symposium, dedicated to preclinical and clinical tests in the dermocosmetics industry, will be held on May 24-25, 2022, at ENS-Lyon. It is organized by SKINOBS and Cosmet-in Lyon in partnership with the SFI2C and the DIIP, and the support of the AURA-Region and CosmeBooste Project. It is intended for cosmeticians from France and elsewhere. Anne Charpentier, founder of SKINOBS, explains the genesis of this symposium and highlights the news of this still little-known, yet dynamic and agile sector of activity, which is a key marker of the cosmetics industry.

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What is the genesis of Cosmetotesty symposium?
Anne Charpentier: Four or five years ago, the CED - now Cosmet’in Lyion - organized in Lyon two days dedicated to in vitro tests and test technologies. These were days of great innovation, marked in particular by the start of 3D skin printing. There is a legitimacy of Lyon, by its history and of Cosmet’in Lyon, a learning and scientific association linked to the biology of the cellular tissue of the skin. Meanwhile, and since the creation of SKINOBS in 2016 around clinical objectifivation, the testing sector and its technologies have evolved rapidly. We have noticed an expectation from our community to be more and well informed. The idea of organizing a symposium with academic lectures, technical presentations and exhibitors was therefore of real interest.

How has this project been received?
Anne Charpentier: We immediately saw the appeal of those involved in preclinical and clinical assessment to exhibit and demonstrate their know-how, in an environment presenting a convergence of needs and expectations. However, SKINOBS is at the crossroads of these actors, with the vision of sharing and connecting, and Cosmet’in Lyon is the closest association in terms of values, subjects, and …

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