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Scientific and quantum day on Beauty and Well-being

Journée scientifique et quantique Beauté et Bien-Être

On November 22, 2019, Régine Frick, Rachida Nachat-Kappes and Marion Serre are organizing a scientific exchange day in Paris entitled Quantic Physics, Water States, Neuroscience: How to integrate these new data into our beauty and well-being". This day will be punctuated by interventions from researchers, industrialists and brands who are scouts on these themes. Registrations are open.

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Régine Frick is a chemical formulation engineer with a degree in management, culture and innovation marketing. Passionate about energetic medicines, chi kung, personal development, she now synthesizes science and what she calls metascience.
Rachida Nachat-Kappes is a doctor of biology, passionate about the cell and all the mechanisms that animate life. She is the founder of InnovSKin, a firm specializing in scientific research.
Marion Serre is an innovation and graphic facilitator. A trained physicochemist, she designs, animates and supports her clients with visual tools to help them achieve their goals and be more innovative.
Together, they organize a day of conferences and exchanges around quantum physics, water states, neurosciences, to learn, be inspired and anticipate what will be the beauty of tomorrow and how our well-being will be influenced by these new data.

On the agenda for the day

Session 1 - Quantum Physics & Water States
The actions of water on the skin
> Professor Marc Henry, specialist in water and quantum physics, international lecturer, professor-researcher, professor at the University of Strasbourg
The new reality of plants: phytoneurology, genodics and chronobiology
> Jean Thoby, nurseryman, musinerist and phytoneurologist, Botanical nursery and Gaujacq plantarium
> Pedro Ferrandix, Genodicist, Genodics

Session 2 - Neuroscience, beauty and well-being
A new actor in cosmetics: psychobiology - Interests and limits
> Pr Édith Filaire, Scientific Director, Greentech

Session 3 - The wellness cosmetics market
Testimonies of brands
> Michèle Cros - Douces Angevines, Catherine Flurin - Ballot-Flurin, Laurence Mulon - Mulon Conseil…

The event will be held at the MAS (10 rue des terres au curé, Paris 13) and the day will be facilitated graphically by Marion Serre to leave with a concise visual report that is easy to share.
Registrations are open online here.

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