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Sun protection on the JEST 2020 agenda

La protection solaire au programme de la JEST 2020

Sunscreen products are still among the most controversial cosmetic products and the most difficult formulas to develop. The 2020 edition of the JEST (Day of Scientific and Technical Exchange) organized by Cosmed is dedicated to them. It will take place on September 25, 2020, in live and streaming.

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The program

The new expectations of consumers regarding solar protection: safety, environment…
> Pascale Brousse - Manager - Trend Sourcing

The dermatologist’s point of view: sun care products and allergies, developments and contradictions.
> Dr Martine Avenel-Audran - Dermatologist - Angers University Hospital

Panorama and comparison of sun filters on toxicological, environmental and regulatory aspects
> Clarisse Bavoux - Senior Regulatory Toxicologist - CEHTRA

Optimizing formulas to reduce their impact on health and the environment, while guaranteeing performance
> Didier Guérin - CEO - Inavive Lab

Methods for evaluating the performance of the sun product: UVA-UVB spectrum, IR, Remanence, Photostability…
> Uli Osterwalder - Sun Protection Facilitat

Methods of assessing the impact of the formula on the environment
> Marie-Laure Teissere - Ecotoxicologist - Equitox

New models for studying the toxicity of UV filters in the ocean
> Philippe Lebaron - Researcher in biology - Banuyls sur Mer Oceanographic Observatory

New approaches to sun protection and the molecules of the future
> Alfred Marchal - CEO - Andromeda Laboratories SA

Attend JEST

This conference day will be held at Montpellier SupAgro (Mauguio Airport Zone) on 29 September 2020, from 9am to …

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