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Thursday, October 26, 2023Agenda

The 14th International Conference on Skin Ageing & Challenges

La 14e Conférence internationale Skin Ageing & Challenges

The 14th edition of the “Skin Ageing & Challenges” Conference will be held on 9 and 10 November 2023 at the Altis Grand Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal, and will also be available online. On the agenda: the latest research on skin ageing, new methods and a vision of the future. More than 36 papers and innovations will be presented.

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The event will include a number of talks and discussions, as well as and time for new researchers to share their work. The aim is to create a lively discussion about current skin research and what’s coming next.

Three main themes will be developed
• Climate Change & Skin: how changes in the environment, like rising temperatures and more pollution, affect our skin as we age.
• Skin Microbiome: tiny living things on our skin, how they relate to our health, how they change as we age, ways to use this knowledge for better skin care.
• Epigenetics & Metabolism: a session devoted to the tiny changes in our gene expression and our mitochondria that might affect skin aging, as well as the new ways to care for ageing skin based on this.

Prof. Jean Krutmann, President of Skin Ageing & Challenges 2023, remarks, “Our objective is to bring forth a future vision on skin health, enabling us to live healthier, better, and longer. With the rapid strides in scientific research, it’s imperative that we share, discuss, and ideate on the global platform that this conference provides.”

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