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Monday, January 3, 2022Agenda

The 2022 cosmetic diary

L'agenda cosmétique 2022

What events are not to be missed in 2022? What deadlines must be met? to respect? What new obligations should we prepare for? CosmeticOBS-L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques has put together this diary with all the key dates of a year that is starting strongly, with the entry into force of a whole series of new regulations on its first day!

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All year round

DGCCRF controls: the announced topics
• The renewal of controls on “With…” claims, but also the exploration of “Hypoallergenic”, “Sensitive skin” claims, those for products intended for “fragile” audiences, such as babies, children or pregnant women, and environmental claims
• The continuation of the “Clean Market” operation with a focus on regulated substances and CMRs
• The extension of controls on nanomaterials
• And the novelty of the year, the so-called “professional” products, which will be scrutinised from two angles: fairness (does a product that claims to be professional have something different from a product for the general public?) and practices (in particular the sale to private individuals of products that are in principle reserved for professionals and that, normally, must mention this on the label)

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January 1st

Holiday - New Year’s Day

Information on endocrine disruptors
Published in the Journal Officiel de la République Française of August 25, 2021, Decree No.2021-1110 sets out the terms and conditions for the provision of information to identify endocrine disruptors in a product placed on the market, as provided for in the French Law …

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