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Thursday, June 2, 2022Agenda

Tous au parfum: the meeting place for perfume experts

Tous au parfum : le rendez-vous des experts de la parfumerie

What is the future of the olfaction sector? To answer this question, the IPF (International Perfume Foundation) is organizing a day of meetings and debates with experts of the profession. The event will take place in Paris on July 1, 2022.

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The perfumery sector is changing and must respond to certain challenges (sustainable development, sourcing of raw materials …). To provide answers, the IPF has decided to bring together a panel of experts for a day of conferences.

The program

• Tributes to Pierre Dinand and Jean Kerleo
• What is the impact of fragrances and packaging on the environment?
• What solutions can we propose? What’s new? Do supply disruptions affect the industry?
• The future of fragrance brands in China
• The demand for natural and organic products is growing. Can natural and synthetic products coexist? What is the place of the perfumer today?
• What is the future of selective distribution? Web-Marketing, Big Data and Metaverse: are we ready for this new world?
• New producing countries and impact investment
• Plants and flowers in Algeria
• Oud, an important heritage to protect in Cambodia
• The future of packaging, new materials and budget
• New extraction methods, new raw materials and new scents for perfumery

To go further
• Visit the Tous au parfum website

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