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Post Covid-19 : the French and the environment

Post Covid-19 : les Français et l’environnement

Before the coronavirus crisis began, the environmental issue was one of the most important topics for consumers. What about after six months of cohabitation with Covid-19? To answer this question, the FEBEA asked for the expertise of the research firm Elabe and presented the results during its General Assembly on September 22nd, 2020.

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“In March 2020, containment has hit just about all our certainties and benchmarks. After this moment of astonishment, what will remain of it? Is everything going to change?” starts Laurence Bedeau, associate director of Elabe. “One fact that is a given is that in February 2020, a few days before containment, more than 90% of consumers were concerned about the environmental situation and 93% were convinced that it was now urgent to act in favor of the planet.”

According to the expert, the divisions and stereotypes related to the defense of nature no longer exist, ecological fear is universal in France.
“For decades, the question of the state of the Earth, finally, was reserved for a few activists who made their voices heard, but who, for all that, did not convince a majority. Once again, in February 2020, the French people, from the most modest to the most affluent, rural, urban, young and old, shared and clearly expressed a strong concern about this ecological issue,” she says.

Health and economic crisis, what impact on the environment?

Although the preservation of nature is one of the major concerns, will it remain as important in the face of other issues? “We could …

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