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Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress 2023: the Q&A of the FEBEA - Miscellaneous questions section

Congrès Parfums & Cosmétiques 2023 : le Q/R de la FEBEA – Volet Questions diverses

As every year, at the close of the Cosmetic Valley Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress held on 8 and 9 November 2023, the FEBEA team answered questions prepared by congress participants during the two days of conferences. After the specific questions on ingredients and environmental regulations, this third and final section contains a jumble of all the other questions.

Reading time
~ 11 minutes

They answered questions from delegates
• Valérie Colin, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
• Xavier Gueant, Director of Legal Affairs
• Stéphanie Lumbers, Director of Sustainable Development
• Catherine Bramaud, Scientific and Regulatory Advisor
• Marie Guirand, Scientific and Regulatory Advisor
• Erwan Poivet, Scientific Advisor

French GMP Certification

Question – Standard
The DGCCRF has indicated that it is working on a future standard for GMP inspections. Will it be different from ISO 22716?
Valérie Colin’s answer
The DGCCRF has presented what is still only a draft. It’s a project that we at the FEBEA don’t like at all, but, yes, it would be a standard based on ISO 22716.

Question – Audits
With the introduction of GMP certification by an accredited body, will the Responsible Person’s obligation to audit subcontractors be maintained? If so, how can this obligation, which is costly for small brands and time-consuming for subcontractors, be lightened?
Valérie Colin’s answer
Obviously, there is a financial cost associated with this project, particularly in terms of human resources. In addition to paying a certification body, there is also a whole aspect of internal organisation to manage this. Certification involves checking that you comply with ISO 22716, …

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